We always provide the customer with the best available options for courier services, expected delivery times, and delivery costs when we provide a quotation for delivery charges. This allows the customer to calculate the total cost of his order before placing the order in order to initiate and confirm the quotation.

The UR Wears Industry has all infrastructure necessary for local courier services, including DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, SKYNET, DPEX, DPD, VIA, and EMS. A variety of variables influence the decision of which courier service to use, including the destination, weight, and dimensions of the shipment.

However, there are some fundamental guidelines to follow when selecting a courier service. These guidelines include reliability, how quickly the customer needs their item, and their maximum budget since every courier service has different charges for different countries.

There will be a longer delivery wait time if the price per kg is higher than that of other courier services, and vice versa.

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