High-Quality Leather Material

All the base materials that we use in our products are of the highest quality. We are accompanied by trusted companies that have product development offices in Spain and Pakistan. UR Wears, the industry believes in quality from the very foundations of its.

High Quality Leather-UR Wears

Manufacturing Process- UR Wears Industry

Manufacturing Process

UR Wears industry manufactures products under the surveillance of professionals. We have a team of highly qualified and professional innovative minds and skilled hands. As “quality is reality”, we can’t neglect it.

Quick & Quality Work

UR wears Industry is capable of producing orders of any size, with a monthly capacity of more than 9,000 products. The magnitude of our company enables us to fulfill enormous bulk orders. We also deal with limited quantities with complete focus and dedication.

Regardless of the size of the order, our entire business is based on the idea of quick turnaround and immediate response, with a usual lead time of six to eight weeks.


Checking and Packing-UR wears Industry

Checking and Packing

When a product gets its final shape a critical inspection of quality is made. If it gets passed, the next step is to pack it with all care and dedicated supervision to make it ready for shipping.

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