We, the UR Wears are the brand of top wear from jackets to hoodies and gloves to complete outing suits. Located in Sialkot, Pakistan is proof of pure leather works. We choose pure leather and fair fabrics to manufacture top-class and comfortable articles. We are inspired by the basic instinct of humans to wear for comfort and smoothness.

As we acknowledge good wears reflect the personality so we certainly ensure to make our valuable customers look gorgeous and feel comfortable.

Our goal is, “Quality is reality”, so it speaks for itself. This emerging brand aims to meet the wishes of the customers that are left unconcerned by manufacturing companies.

Our up-to-date machinery, combined with skilled workers distinguishes us from the rest of all. UR Wears are to wear with and for comfort is the main objective of ours that motivates us to improve our every next article.

To try remains the condition. Once you get an article, we believe your personality and our article will show perfection to each other.


Usman Co founder-UR Wears Industry
CEO & Co-Founder

This is Usman the CEO and Co-founder of the UR Wears industry. Usman has more than 10+ years of experience in manufacturing jackets and gloves. He has trained many people in his field. Now he decided to make his own brand.

Rizwan-Senior Manufacturer
Senior Manufacturer

This is Rizwan, a senior member of all manufacturers. He also has more than 7+ years of experience in this field. He manages all the team members and covers all manufacturing processes also he checks all the production processes and makes them ready for delivery.

MUZAMAL Aslam Profile Picture
Project Manager

This is MUZAMAL, the manager of UR Wears Industry. He manages all the customers online and offline. Also, he covers all the delivery options.

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